Lein Lab: Our most valuable asset - the people who work here

Diversity Image
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Our Lab Environment:

Every lab has its own feel, culture and traditions.  Our goal is to foster an open environment where everyone can talk freely about ideas, carry out vigorous but respectful discussions and where everyone feels comfortable and accepted doing so.  We believe that everyone has an equal place at the table and our diversity is our greatest asset and leads to scientific innovation, variable skill sets and enhanced cultural insights. 

We pledge to appreciate our lab members' perspectives, experiences, approaches, and ideas to create a safe learning space. As we will no doubt stumble, we will hold ourselves and each other accountable and learn from our mistakes, so that we can uphold our inclusivity and diversity pledge.

UC Davis Land Acknowledgement Statement:

We should take a moment to acknowledge the land on which we are gathered. For thousands of years, this land has been the home of Patwin people. Today, there are three federally recognized Patwin tribes: Cachil DeHe Band of Wintun Indians of the Colusa Indian Community, Kletsel Dehe Wintun Nation, and Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation.

The Patwin people have remained committed to the stewardship of this land over many centuries. It has been cherished and protected, as elders have instructed the young through generations. We are honored and grateful to be here today on their traditional lands.