Lein Lab: Our most valuable asset - the people who work here

Lein lab at March for ScienceThe Lein Lab is always looking for talented and highly motivated researchers and trainees.

We consider applicants from people with a variety of backgrounds and skills. If you have a strong work ethic and are interested in neuroscience and/or toxicology, we encourage you contact us.

Undergraduate Students

With their enthusiasm and developing skills, undergrads have been crucial in the success of the lab. Usually, undergraduates work about 10 hours a week and start by working on an existing project. This way, volunteers can be become accustomed to all aspects of conducting research, from general lab maintenance (which is critical for successful research!) to designing an experiment to collecting/analyzing data for a poster or paper. 

"Working in the Lein Lab taught me a lot of the necessary skills used in research. It helped build my confidence to perform in a research setting and provided me with valuable resources that I would use after graduating!" - Joan Vu

Before contacting us, be sure to think about what kind of research excites you, both on a day-to-day basis (e.g. staining a brain section, collecting images on a microscope, or running a behavioral assay on zebrafish) and on a long-term basis (e.g. identifying new therapeutic approaches for protecting the brain from toxic agents, figuring out how the brain works). If you think our lab may be a good fit for you, contact Dr. Pam Lein. Include a copy of your resume/CV and a cover letter explaining why you want to work in our lab and why you would be a good fit. Undergraduates must be able to volunteer for a minimum of 3 quarters, or one full school year. 

Logo for Advancing Diversity in Neuroscience Research Program

Dr. Lein is a mentor for the Advancing Diversity in Neuroscience Research (ADNR) Program at UC Davis, which aims to increase diversity of undergraduate students that pursue advanced degrees and research in neuroscience. Students have paid internships in a neuroscience research lab and attend regularly scheduled meetings, program workshops, and functions.


Graduation 2019Graduate Students

Current undergraduates interested in attending UC Davis for graduate school must apply through a graduate program. Dr. Lein is affiliated with the following graduate groups: Pharmacology and ToxicologyMolecular, Cellular and Integrative PhysiologyNeuroscienceIntegrative Pathobiology; and Forensic SciencesPlease email Dr. Pam Lein to discuss opportunities in the Lein Lab or if you have any questions about graduate programs. In 2020, Dr. Lein received the UC Davis Graduate Program Advising and Mentoring Award, and in 2022 she received a Women in Toxicology Mentoring Award from the Society of Toxicology.

"I consider mentoring graduate students to be one of the most important things I do as a faculty member, and it gives me the most satisfaction.” - Pam Lein


Email Dr. Pam Lein a cover letter describing the expertise you can contribute to the group, what you hope to learn, and describe your career goals. Please provide a CV, summary of past research, and contact information for three references. All postdoctoral applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for fellowships.