Eduardo Gonzalez

Graduate Student

Hometown: San Lorenzo, CA

Education: B.S. in Environmental Science & Toxicology, UC Davis, 2016

My interest in biomedical research began with my undergraduate training in environmental and molecular toxicology. During this time, I completed an honors thesis elucidating mechanisms of DDT-induced mammary carcinogenesis. Upon graduation I decided to join the Lein lab as a laboratory technician to explore my interest in neurotoxicology; I am now continuing in the lab as a PhD student in the Pharmacology and Toxicology Graduate Group. My dissertation research focuses on evaluating the developmental neurotoxicity of pesticide and chemical threat agent DFP. By using MRI, PET, and histological imaging techniques I hope to characterize the spatiotemporal pattern of neurological damage resulting from acute DFP exposure during critical windows of neurodevelopment.

My hobbies outside of the lab include hip-hop and Latin dancing, Super Smash Bros., backpacking, and anything outdoors. Email:

Awards Section:

Eduardo Gonzalez

NIH IMSD Predoctoral Fellowship, 2017-2018

Jeffery and Marsha Gibeling Predoctoral Fellowship, 2017-2018

Pfizer SOT Undergraduate Student Travel Award, 2016