Paige Mundy

image: Paige MundyPaige Mundy

Postdoctoral Researcher
Hometown: Mars, PA
Education: B.S. Marine and Molecular Biology, Saint Francis University
Ph.D., Molecular Cellular, and Integrative Physiology, UC Davis

I am interested in environmental health problems, and how fish can help us solve them. The focus of my Ph.D. was to investigate physiological and transcriptomic effects of various stressors on numerous fish species. I worked on several diverse projects including osmoregulatory differences between two populations of a threatened species, the Sacramento splittail, and the neurotoxic effects of pesticides on the critically endangered species, Delta smelt.
As a postdoc in the Lein lab, I am working with the CounterACT group to investigate GABA-A receptor subunit selectivity in TETs-induced seizures using zebrafish.

Outside of the lab I enjoy running, playing soccer, hiking and camping, and baking.