Rhianna Morgan

Post Doctoral Scholar


Earlville, NY


B.A. in Mathematics, Hartwick College, 2013

Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Mississippi, 2017

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Neuroscience, The Scripps Research Institute, 2017

Present Postdoctoral Training in Neurotoxicology, University of California Davis

Personal Scientific Statement:

I have a diverse background that began with studying secondary DNA structures called G-quadruplexes. During graduate school I worked on elucidating structures within the promoter regions of the Bcl-2 and kRAS genes to be used as molecular targets for anticancer therapeutics. Ultimately, my passion and interests in drug development swayed me towards the field of neuroscience, specifically neuroprotection. During this transition, I conducted several small molecule screens to enhance mitochondrial health and function for promising therapeutics against neurodegeneration. Currently, I am expanding my knowledge of neurotoxicology by investigating neuronal development through in vitro approaches. I am exploring how polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), and organosulfates affect neuronal morphology and oxidative stress. Also, I am investigating the role senescent endothelial cells may play in Alzheimer’s disease pathology and aging.

Outside of the lab, I enjoy baking, reading, traveling and exploring California, trying new restaurants, and cuddling with my cat, Lois.